Hi Friends,

I’ve been feeling this achey sporadic chest sensation like a wild flicker of a loose bulb before settling back into steady luminous mode. I suppose my light has been a little vulnerable, searching for that steady connection. Being an investigator of feeling, I “meditated on it.” I pondered on it. I tried my best to get honest with myself about it, and the last few days the flicker settled and I was able to get to the root of the disconnect. Ever get that?

All my meditations and reflections were off. I assumed this loose chest must be that I’m a Mom now. People even say that becoming a Mother is like wearing your heart outside your body. I decided this must be it. My feeling of my chest flickering randomly, uncontrollably must be the sheer presence of Daisy. My concern for her wellbeing. Our deep connection and constant communication and relating to each other. My biology intertwined with hers, becoming a factory for her sustainability must be the reason. Our new family of three. Flickering makes sense. But that wasn’t it.

I’ve been feeling in limbo for, if I’m going to be honest, the last 10 years. I thought I would stay in NYC for a few years, do some things, and then head out to nature and do some more things. We started a studio and that kept us here, day in and day out. I got really busy with travel and that kept me ping-ponging around the world and racing back to the studio. Candle burning 24/7. I loved so much of that life, but knew it wasn’t sustainable.


Fast forward to now. I took the time I needed. Slowed down loads. Reworked my life and boom, things are incredible. So why the flutter? I realized I have still been planning my great escape, but to where and from what? Recently we took a trip to Northern California for fun. We almost moved there. We were all set to become country people, build a house, set up a studio, travel from there and make a life. The land we found was beautiful. Northern California is beautiful but the feeling persisted.

What the heck is this feeling? Finally in the last few days I realized I love being here. We love being here and we go everywhere else all the time. We have decided to stay in NYC, as I have been for the last 17 years, 10 of which I was secretly thinking of an escape. I now realize we love it here and the escape I was planning was from something else. It was from that flutter, from the fear of becoming a New Yorker, from the worry about having anything other than something temporary. It’s amazing how you can live in a city for 17 years and have it feel temporary. For the first time, even though I’ve always loved this city, I feel out of limbo. I feel home.

More on that soon. Anyone have similar feelings of chest flickering that have led you to realizations? I’ll let you know if it comes back!



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