Hi Friends,

Welcome to week 2 of our 7 week Bliss-In. How is it going so far? I’m hoping your first week was calming, inspirational, and connected you right back to where all the answers are, inside of you! When we are calm, centered, and connected, our intuition has space to come into the front of our consciousness.

Without space we get caught in a web of our thinking that leads to anxiety, fear, stress, and sickness. Our intuition is always there, waiting in the wings to bring us into a state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being, but it can’t come out and play when our thoughts are racing, hogging up the playground of the mind. Meditation, and yoga, when practiced with ease, works as a tool to wave us right back into the center of ourselves.

When we are in the center of ourself, we can begin to observe without getting involved. When we are in the center, we are grounded, steady, strong, and open, ready for anything. When we are balanced we are soft, fluid, like water, ready for anything. When we are in the center, we can use our fire mindfully, when we want to throw a curve ball, or deliver an invigorating moment, but we aren’t consumed with the flames of agression. Fire is essential for an exciting, awake, vibrant life, but we want to be able to choose when we light the flame. When we have balance, we have access to all our elements, and we decide what we’d like to play. When we get our thoughts under control, and allow space for our intuition to play, and continue living this way, our intuition has the opportunity to simmer in the center of ourselves, and with that simmering, unique expression, the ability to heal, and create beyond what is expected becomes simple.

The choice is yours. What do you pick? A life of roller coaster swirls of thoughts, anxieties, emotions, and fear or a life of calm ease, open and strong body, creative intuitive mind, where anything is possible. Pick the first choice and you know what you’re going to get. You’ll go to work, raise your family, be subject to the highs and lows, dramas, elation, and anger that every situation brings. You’ll be tossed in the waves of anxiety and fear. Your self worth will lean towards seeking approval from others and conformity. You’ll live a while, get sick from a stress related cause, and move on to the next world. Pick the second and your possibilities expand without limits. You will live a life following your intuition, be drawn towards activities, people, and a career that validates you, makes a difference in the world, helps yourself and helps others. You will experience synchronicity on a daily basis, feel energized, enthused, and enjoy a zest for life. You’ll spend your life inspiring everyone you come into contact with. Your skin will glow, you will experience health and happiness your whole life.

Please pick the second! I know the outcome is a little less certain, but you can do it! Follow your intuition, cultivate practices to continue you on the path, and experience awesome-ness!

Here are some fantastic tips on expanding your consciousness, and bringing yourself into balance from my friends Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi’s new New York Times bestselling book, Super Brain!


10 Simple Steps to Balance Your Brain & Expand Your Life.

1.  Put a higher value on being awake, aware, and alert.

2.  Resist conformity – don’t think and act like everyone else

3.  Value yourself – don’t wait for the approval of others to validate you.  instead of desiring external validation, strive to help others.

4.  Expose your mind to a higher vision of art, poetry and music.

5.  Question your own core beliefs.

6.  Work on reducing the demands of the ego. Expand beyond the limits of I, Me, mine. – How can I help over What can I get, what can I prove.

7.  Aim for the highest meaning your life can have. When you aim for your highest purpose, and align your intention with your actions, you will get into the flow, experience synchronicity, and feel energized from the inside out.

8.  Keep faith that inner growth is an unending process.

9.  Walk the spiritaul path, however you define it with integrety and hope.

10.  Have fun! (ok, I put that one in to round it out, but fun is essential!)

Remember, it’s not just what you practice, but how. Practice with joy, intention, and ease and watch your life come into perfect balance.

Miss week 1? You can catch up on getting centered and grounded here! Stay tuned for a yoga routine to work on balance on Wednesday and some balanced time in the kitchen on Friday! See you soon! Let me know how it’s going in the comments! I love to hear your thoughts as part of the collective conversation!