We’re all leaders. How we are, how we move through our lives, is what we share and give to everyone around us. We change the world by changing our selves.

We’re honored to share with you Strala Online 100+Hour Advanced Training; The 7 Secrets of Leadership. This program has been a decade in the making and I hope it will empower you to share your passions with grace and ease. Whether you are leading yoga, wellbeing, a company, or a family, we are all leaders. Everything we feel and do counts for a big something. This program will give you the structural tools to outline your leadership programs with ease and provide you the personal, practical practices to get you connected, and doing all you do from your most aligned, centered self.

acs_0003This program sparked from the big feeling that it is the right time for members of our Strala community who have been leading for a while with hungry communities of their own reveal to begin to lead intensives. I alone can serve some. Together we can serve many.

Over the years we have had glitzy offers to expand in a fast way that has always felt as strange and nonsensical as drinking soda for breakfast. Sure, it might be a quick energy jolt and fun for a moment, but yucky! I’ve never been a fan of maximizing for the sake of visibility, especially at the sacrifice of individual and collective wellbeing. Strala as a practice is softening and expanding. Strala as a brand is the same. It’s nice to be in agreement with all of you, mind, body, soul, business. A fully connected self is a wonderful adventure. This is the adventure I have been on with Mike and Sam and so many of the Guides and our friends and partners over the years. I welcome you to the journey.

So as we began to dream up this program, it stands that some of our Guides will begin to lead intensives soon. If you’re interested in taking their intensives, be on the lookout in cities near you. If you are interested in going down the path of leading your own Strala intensives, this is a good place to begin, as well as continue. You’ll also need to join our in person trainings and begin on the path of learning and leading for a while. All good things take time. It’s wonderful to begin the practice you’re excited to share with others. So much of what I have learned about leading and teaching leaders is simply sharing what you so easily embody. Sharing knowledge or passing along facts is nice, but can feel so empty unless the leader truly lives what she teaches. Again, I can’t repeat enough, it’s wonderful to live in agreement with yourself.

This is exciting and a lovely ripple of support for our communities. I can see the soft bubbles expanding around the globe to those who need it. For anyone interested in leading with your whole self, this course applies to you too.


acs_0019I wanted to share my personal welcome note you’ll receive if you choose to dive in. Also, there is a little discount for anyone joining through this Wednesday, Aug 22. Join in here.

Here is my welcome offering to the leaders. I hope you feel a little better and reconnect to your spark.

It feels so good to share. Some thought we were crazy for publishing our training manual, Guiding Strala, last year in addition to Strala Yoga (the book). The way we see it, speaking for myself, Mike, Sam, and all the Strala Guides around the world, the more people we have leading with softness and ease across many fields, the better we all are.

This training is a big deal for us as a community and a proud moment for me personally. I remember like it was yesterday, inviting people to attend our free yoga sessions in Central Park, where I would do my best to create a welcoming environment for anyone, and lead a clear structure of yoga where people would easily be able to connect to their intuition.

In preparation I sewed a flag that read “free yoga” in bright orange and white, to help with a friendly and welcoming vibe. The fun for me started right there. Not in the showing of the flag, but the process of creating it myself, for myself. I needed a better way. I was so excited about what was inside me that I had to share.

My experiences growing up exploring yoga and meditation have always revealed that the magic is inside, waiting for us to discover. The wisdom books say the same in countless ways. Great teachers show us what is possible and then guide us to be empowered to practice and discover in ourselves. A great teaching morphs into you, because it is from inside of you.

In my exploration of yoga classes, groups, and gurus, the words and the actions haven’t always matched up. This disconnect is a human problem, not exclusive to yoga. I still have in me that knotted riled-up feeling I did when I first saw a harsh adjustment, demeaning language, and pretentious environment created by so-called leaders in the yoga and healing community. I knew in my bones everything I saw was wrong.

acs_0018Yoga, healing, and the wisdom teachings are so powerful they create an easy hiding place for power-hungry, insecure cowards. And limiting, abusive environments are far from exclusive to yoga. They are present in every event imaginable, from the office, to our relationships, to our healing communities. It’s time we take accountability and match our actions to our words in all we do.  So much more is possible. And great work is being done by a few people with the courage not to hide, but to keep growing. I’m happy to dedicate my life to being a small part of multiplying that few into the majority.

I never imagined I would pursue yoga and healing in my life other than a personal practice, but in those moments, in my naïve-ness about the beauty of a practice and the reality of leaders abusing power, I had no choice but to act.

It started for me with a passionate mission statement that yoga is inside. I printed and posted this for everyone, on walls and bus stops all around downtown NYC in the early 2000s (before Facebook created virtual walls). We started a simple class in Central Park, offered to anyone interested. I explored years of leading one-on-one to people too shy or turned off to enter a studio. And here we are today, another mark on a continuum, with you, a global community sharing the beauty of softness, ease, and the magic we have inside.

I am proud to share not only a refined practice we have been collectively improving over the last ten years with the support of Mike Taylor, Sam Berlind, and all the Guides, but also the methods and secrets of leaders on how to create something wonderful, uplifting, powerful, inspiring for everyone. Whether you’re leading at the office or conferences, yoga workshops or trainings, teams or families, the secrets we’re sharing here are the practices that make what you want real in your life.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. We’ve done our best here to share the practices that enable us to teach teachers effectively, so you can too. Take what inspires you into your work life, your relationships, your healing life, and watch the ripple affect. Lets merge all of you to bring out the best of you and the best of those around you.

These practices are not only magically effective and powerful, but feel amazing for you to incorporate into your life. From our perspective there isn’t the time that you practice yoga, and the other times. The time for practice is always. How you move. How you open a door, or get around a room. How you do yoga. How you speak to yourself. How you speak to others. How you are in the world.

I know it’s easy to check out, do things the way you always have, don’t shake things up too much, and find comfort in your habits. But that’s not why you are here. You are here ready to wake up and stay awake. You are here because you are ready for change, for yourself and those around you. You are here because you know better and you believe in a better way.

Take these concepts and soak them into all you do. I’m proud of us and I’m inspired by all the good that you can do by focusing on how you are. Isn’t it wonderful to change!

See you in here and out there.