I’m back in NYC from Singapore to Bali to Tokyo to LA San Fran to NYC adventure. I’ve wanted to tell you about it along the way Did you feel the good vibes coming your way from Bali? I was sending them. I hope today brings you ease, happiness, joy and love. I give you 5 things the other side of the world gave me. Take some time for yourself today and enjoy being you, because you are amazing.

5 Gifts from the Other Side of the Globe

1. Settle into the Present and Enjoy. Crazy thing to admit, but I thought my flight was leaving on a Tuesday when it was really leaving on Monday. Thankfully google told me to go to the airport. After having just an hour or so to gather myself for over a week of adventure, I remembered, I don’t need that much stuff, really. I have enough on hand to easily throw into my bag and get to the airport that will get me through the trip. It’s amazing how little we actually need to not only survive, but live well and feel comfortable. 2 dresses, 4 pairs of yoga pants, a few sports bras and t shirts and that was an amazing trip for a few different climates.

2. Positivity is a great choice. Honestly, I was a little suspicious of the experience I was headed for in Bali. From all the events I have been doing the last few years, the reception and the welcome has been so incredible and I’ve really been satisfied in the area of being there to help others. I was worried about the saturation of yoga in Bali and any local ex-pat criticism of Strala, not being traditional yoga. Understanding what I share and the intention of Strala helped me remember positivity is simply the only choice for me. I believe this attitude not only dissolved any feelings of separation but allowed so much space for appreciation, growth and change.

3. Let Yourself Evolve. I led a class under a giant statue of Vishnu. I asked the W Insider (the coolest job at the W, usually held by a life long local of the area, knows everything about the culture of the destination, as well as where to go if you’re looking to experience just about anything) to give a short talk about Vishnu before I led the class. Her talk was lovely and about balance. During the class I had a powerful feeling of settling into some aspects of my professional life that are a positive growth for me. Some areas I didn’t know I had emotional blocks to simply dissolved. After some googling, I learn vis, the root of Vishnu, means to settle. This is exactly what happened to me and it was awesome. The class was pretty powerful too down dogging under Vishnu’s strong gaze.

4. Enjoy Every Moment. My life is so exciting and I am surrounded by inspiring people wherever I go. I know this is some sort of cosmic luck. It’s designed too perfectly guiding me to be constantly creative. I’m so grateful for these moments, knowing that life can present anything at anytime. Keep your minds and heart open and anything is possible.

5. Take it All In. I tell Guides in training with Strala, that the experience you give leading a class is ultimately the experience of how you feel about yourself in that moment. It’s most important to take great care of yourself to evolve that inner feeling into something grounded, safe, and excited. From this place, we can really take it all in.

Take good care of you and enjoy the ride!

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