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Hi Friends,

Hope you are having a great day! Last weekend I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote talk on Yoga and Fertility at Fertility Planit in LA. Jason Wachob, founder of MindBodyGreen, gave great insight from the wellness, and frankly “dude” perspective on the topic.


We talked about your brain, body, and emotions on yoga, the role of food, family, community, and relaxation on fertility and more! My favorite part is sharing our friend Christine Zilka’s story with fertility and yoga with a very special surprise ending!

Check out the keynote below.

Has practicing yoga helped you with regards to fertility, pregnancy, or raising a family? Would love to hear your stories in the comments.



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5 Responses to Babies on the Mind

  • Blaire Harter said on 1-21-13 at 3:03 am

    Hi Tara,
    This was such a great video to watch and reaffirms that I need to incorporate more yoga into my life on a daily basis not just when I feel stress or anxious. We have a beautiful 3 year old boy and have been trying for a year to have another child. It has been more difficult this time around and each month that passes is disappointing and hard to maintain hope and trust in the process. My goal is to now incorporate more yoga into my day to help with fertility and peace. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us all.

  • Nidhi said on 1-24-13 at 11:59 am

    I Tara,
    I am a mom of 2 boys, 6yrs and 19 months old and the both are super Active, Yoga helps me to maintain the stress levels coz I keep running around my kids, I do lose it sometimes but it has been helpful to do some yoga to loosen up for the challenges of raising a family with ease.

  • Blaire H said on 1-28-13 at 2:43 pm

    Hi Tara,

    I know that you are busy and frequently contacted by so many people around the world which makes my request for help one of many I’m sure. I am truly struggling with the difficulty I am having with conceiving a second child. I love how you talk about how you can help people have children and so I am turning to you for help. If you have an opportunity to email me, I’d be more than appreciative. I am downloading Strala for home use but would love to hear any additional advice you have for fertility. Thanks again for all you do.

  • Tara Stiles said on 1-28-13 at 5:12 pm

    HI Baire. thanks for getting in touch. Happy to help and share what I know and what has worked for others. Main thing that has worked for others is the ability to let yourself relax and be at ease mentally and physically and spiritually. How we design the movements and instruction with strala is designed to do this. it takes the goal away from doing poses to feeling better, grounded, centered, and connected with yourself. from there, anything is possible. there is no guarantee that yoga or anything can absolutely lead to conception, but it sure does help. hope that helps put you a little more at ease. starting with the relax download is great. keep in touch! sending a big hug and deep breaths! xo Tara

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