Hi Friends,

Hope you are having a great day so far. At Strala NYC (Cheers swapped out bar for yoga mats) a lot of the regulars often do “a double”. – back to back classes. Some daredevils even do a tripple from time to time. Given the frequency of our STRONG and RELAX classes on the schedule, there is a lot of discussion of the nature of “the double”. Often a new person sees the double participants leaving their mat out after a RELAX to gear up for STRONG, or the other way around, using RELAX as the wind down. Either way is super fun, and leaves you feeling lose as a noodle and energized as a weekend at the beach.



Recently, our friends at SHAPE magazine decided to give “the double” a-go. They asked us all sorts of questions about hydration, and timing of meals and snacks. Perfectly valid concerns for spending almost 3 hours moving and breathing. Fortunately, at Strala, our our movements are with ease, so burning out mid class doesn’t happen. If you need a breather, just hang in child’s pose, or take an easy going Warrior. No need to flex and grit your teeth to get through it. We practice doing more with less effort. Fun how it works out that way.

Anna Gannon, Strala regular turned Guide, recently told me after leading a class last week, that she had a moment with Strala where she felt so energized and it was like she didn’t have to try anymore, and was getting further faster, without the old way of “trying”. Pushing and forcing lead to tension and stress in the body, mind and life. We use what we need, rest what we don’t, and get a lot done in the process.

Tips to Prepare for the Double

1. Drink plenty of water. And Bring some with you in class.

2. Eat simple. Don’t worry too much about carbo loading or eating a big meal before. If you’re starving, eat something simple like a banana. You’ll be nice and hungry after to enjoy a healthy meal.

3. Move with ease. No need to push or force. Stay with the breath. Let each inhale lift you and create space in your body and mind and each exhale moves you right in. You’ll have loads of new space after your double!

4. Buddy up. Need an extra reason to double? Make a date with a friend or buddy up with a regular at the studio.

5. Have fun. It’s not worth it if it’s not fun. Make sure to enjoy the ride!


Do you “double”? Let me know in the comments what you think of the double yoga class.

When you are finished you might be in the mood for a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie. Just sayin. Enjoy!