Everyone has told you life is hard. You have to push harder, force past the rest, get ahead by tensing everything you’ve got and one day you’ll break through to something else. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

What if the struggle wasn’t real and the only thing real is the tension we create to make ourselves believe we are working hard enough & to shut out the fear that we aren’t good enough and don’t deserve happiness unless we are miserable first.

What if you move easily, everything you’ve got, in every direction you can. What if you move naturally, connected to your intuition in the direction of your goals. What if you blow past your goals because you are participating in the process of getting there.

The struggle will only get you more struggle.

Drop it & start moving, being & living like you. You’ll go everywhere you ever dreamed and be connected to feeling, intuition and endless creativity throughout.

Welcome to you. Welcome to the revolution of ease. Your heart, mind, body & whole self have been waiting for you to pay attention.