I’m so thrilled to offer everyone for the first time, an Early Bird Special on all 2018 Strala trainings! These programs bring you to an environment of self-care, positivity, and healing vibes, while we improve how we are in our lives so we can lead from a place of freedom and ease.

Leading these programs, along with Michael Taylor and Sam Berlind, has grown into my life’s work. Sharing all I have learned and continue to evolve and soak in about impacting lives positively as a leader, along with an approach that help you feel incredible, radiate health and happiness, and of course the techniques of movement, vocabulary, choreography, language, etc. We do so much together, and I love being with you all in these groups so much.


Get the Hook Up

Early Bird is going through now until the end of June, for all 2018 trainings, plus the December 2017 Intensive in New York.

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200+Hour Ready-to-Lead and 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Trainings : $300 Off

2. Enter code READY In the first step of checkout

Intensive Trainings : $100 Off (also includes the December 2017 Intensive in NYC)

3. Enter code EASE in the first step of checkout

Join us for an Upcoming Class, Event & Training!


June, Chicago, Strala Intensive Training : June 24 – 25, RSVP

July, NYC, Strala 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training : July 15 – August 4, 2017, RSVP

Aug NYC, ENERGIZE Class with Tara: NYC, Aug 5, 2017, RSVP

Aug NYC, ENERGIZE Class with Tara: NYC, Aug 12, 2017, RSVP

Aug NYC, ENERGIZE Class with Tara: NYC, Aug 19, 2017, RSVP

Aug NYC, ENERGIZE Class with Tara: NYC, Aug 26, 2017, RSVP

September, London, Strala Intensive Training : September 9 – 10, RSVP

October, Amsterdam, Strala 200+Hour Ready-To-Lead Training : October 7 – 20, 2017, RSVP

February, London, Strala 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training : February 3 – 16, 2018, RSVP

February, Berlin, Strala Intensive Training : February 24 – 25, 2018, RSVP

April, NYC, Strala 200+Hour Training: April 21 – May 4, 2018 RSVP

July, NYC, Strala 300+ Hour Advanced Leadership Training: July 14-Aug 3, 2018 RSVP

September, Berlin, Strala 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training : September 10 – 23, 2018, RSVP

September, Amsterdam, Strala Intensive Training : September 29 – 30, 2018, RSVP

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