When is the last time you had a great meal, saw really cool piece of art, or looked super hot on a Saturday night, and didn’t take a pic and post on-line? If we are unconscious about our actions, we can end up not only sharing loads of moments of our day but shifting our memories of them by how we perceive the events of our lives in how we tell the on-line story. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I have been connecting with friends, having great meals, and feeling the urge not to share a pic. It’s not that the moment isn’t wonderfully picture perfect, but that it is, and I want to experience and remember rather than stop, frame up, and find a filter to make it look even better.

Obviously I am a big fan and user of social media. I love to share many moments of my life, my business, my friends, and family. I enjoy the aspects of connecting and sharing vulnerability, inspiring, informative, and celebratory moments. I’m happy I’m alive and doing what I do in 2014 with so many ways we can stay connected to each other without barriers to entry that came with previous generations. I have the privilege to communicate to a large group of people through words, videos, and pictures. The feedback and sharing is reciprical, which is what I love most about social media. It goes all ways. Putting out content (for me) is only meaningful when it’s a conversation that elevates the community of readers and myself. I learn and grow on a personal and professional level by sharing.

Over-sharing can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our communities. The desire to engage can become an itch we can’t quite get satisfaction from scratching. If you ever feel plugged in but oddly distant you might need to check out a few steps to getting back a private life.

5 Steps to a Private Life

1. Take a Good Look. I don’t mean at your Instagram feed, but at your self. Take time every day to sit for 5 minutes, connect with your breath. Whether that is over a cup of tea, coffee, with your writing, or connecting in your meditation spot, take the time for you. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the space be in between. Realize there is no need to fill it all. Enjoy being you.

2. Have Your Day. Whatever you are up to in your day, allow yourself to have fun. Take the day in for what it is. If you feel excited to share your observations on-line, go ahead and share. Make your experience and your feeling about your experience your first priority.

3. Set Sharing Boundaries. If you fall into #ishareeverythingiseeanddoandfeelonlineitsaproblem mode, set yourself some good old fashion boundaries. Can be as simple as keeping your shares about a certain topic or area of your life, or setting time boundaries on sharing. No sharing after 7pm and one weekend day off the sharing. Whatever it is, make it so it works for your life and gives you freedom.

4. Follow What Inspires. Take a good look at what you are letting in your mind by what you follow on line. Follow what feeds your inspiration. Stay away from what makes you feel anxious or stressed.

5. Keep it Positive. You can have a positive or negative experience with sharing. A lot of that is up to you. If you tend to share and consume negative content shift your eyeballs and mind toward more inspiring fuel. Watch your world shift according to what you share.

How is your private life going? I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below!