Hi Friends,

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving! What did you do yesterday? I hope you had a wonderful day whether you spent time with friends, family, or some alone time, I hope it was a lovely day filled with nourishment and health and happiness for you! I cooked up my new favorite mac and cashew milk cheese, sweet potatoes, and of course, some greens, and some yummy cookies! Todd and Sophia came over. We ate, we had fun, we knitted, watched Ricky Bobby, and had a nice time.

By the way, if you’re not a knitter, and are craving a fun, practice, just like yoga and meditation, which also happens to produce amazing gifts for your friends and family and yourself I highly recommend picking up a set of needles and a ball of your favorite colored yarn and knitting away! I made a video to help get you started too!

Ok, and now onward to our 7 week Bliss-In! How is it going? If you’re new to our program, check in here and you can start any time!

Into the kitchen we go! What you eat and drink is soooo important to your health. Mix that up with what and how you spend your time, and you’ll have your cocktail of health. How is yours? For me, I know I need to wind down a bit, schedule my down time into my days, weeks, months, and spend free time grounding, centering, and regaining inspiration. My life is one big exciting adventure that I wished for and got. Careful what you wish for! I’m so thankful and appreciative of the life I have the privelage of living, and the schedule that comes with it. My busy schedule is actually quite energizing and inspiring. I always feel like I’m learning and growing and gaining as well as receiving. The missing ingredient for me, was actual down time (in real hours). I thought I didn’t need any time off, because I love what I do. Having a few weeks at home in NYC (in a row) happens to be the biggest gift, and a fantastic way to rejuvenate from the inside out. My NYC life consists of daily Strala, cooking, knitting, and spending time with friends, and of course working (meetings, calls, planning, etc) but scheduling the down time is for sure in the calendar. It’s essential for productivity.

My super star friend Kris Carr has inspired me to get serious about what I eat and drink, and ignighted a passion in me to help others get on the good foot with the plants too! If you don’t have her NY Times best selling new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, you’re among a small percentage of the population that hasn’t been dazzled by her recipes and tips yet! Make sure to pick up a copy asap. I am excited to cook my way through. We can do it together!

Got Juice? Who juices regularly out there? Raise your hands up? Leave a comment. Let me know how drinking the green stuff has changed your life. I’d love to hear your stories. And who drinks the green stuff daily? Double gold star for you! If you’re not on the band wagon, no worries, you can start now! Check out the video for an energizing green juice recipe, and a delish kale krunch salad that will fuel you up on the premium! Say hello to amazing energy, and vibrancy, say goodbye to afternoon slumps, headaches, and the blues.

Kale & Cucumber Green River!
You’ll Need
Handful of Kale
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
1/2 inch of ginger
1 apple
Juice and enjoy!


Kale Krunch Salad
You’ll Need

Handful of Kale
1 lemon
1 orange or red or green pepper
1/2 cucumber
Vinegar Digon Dressing

You’ll Need
1/2 table spoon digon mustard
2 table spoons of balsamic vinegar

Now What
Mix and pour on dressing.


Make sure to check out Your Ideal Day and  Gentle Yoga to round out week 1!

Let me know how it’s going! Talk to you in the comments! Enjoy!