Dad Stiles,

You are the original yogi. Since I can remember you have been sitting on the floor, or in a squat, waiting patiently for Mom to make supper.

You wait when it’s time to wait.

Sit when it’s time to sit.

Rest when it’s time to rest.

Speak out when it’s time to speak out.

You know all about science, space, atoms and math naturally. Organizing the universe is a joy for you. You & Mom built a passive solar home and raised us simple & with love. You are strong, relaxed, open, and creative. You are humble & I can’t believe you let me make a video of you!

Thanks for indulging me & teaching me to always be grateful to the gifts life gives me, stand up for myself & what I believe in & not ever brag. Your inner world must be a total trip!

Thanks for teaching me so much by being you.

Happy Birthday Guru Dad!



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