Hi From London! We’re here for 200 hour Ready-to-Lead Strala Training with a fantastic group of international Guides putting up with this full on schedule, lots of moving and breathing practice. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love connected to inspired, creative, and happy, dedicated people with a shared interest of helping people feel better, of course, starting with ourselves. What a rewarding and great life. Please whop me up side my head if I ever take this connection for granted.


I wanted to send a big warm thank you to Reebok for sending a room full of super fun and comfy mats to keep us on our hands and feet, or both hands or one foot. . lets be realistic, whether we’re practicing in NYC, London, or around the world. The “Hi Hello Hey” mat is my current favorite, followed a close second to any of the vibrant colors with the + print (super positive vibes!)

It’s been a great ride working with Reebok since 2012 to help concept the Reebok Yoga range from a design, fit, and general wild idea point of view. Pineapples, clouds, rainbows, mountains in technicolor, oh my!

We’ve done it all and it’s so much fun and so cozy to wear and practice on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.30.01 PM

Bed time here! More training tomorrow!

Don’t forget to roll out your yoga mat, connect to your breath and move how it feels great for you!

Here is a nice Gentle routine to get you feeling great fast. xo