Hi Friends,

Happy Spring! I have a fun present for you. For one month, starting April 1, (not a joke!) I’m going to be your personal yoga teacher, if you’ll have me. I’ll be walking you through a step-by-step program to help you feel great from the inside out. I’ve even made us a printable calendar so we can track our progress.

You can track your mood, energy level, quality of sleep, and more. Along with the twice daily yoga routines on the calendar, I’ll be sending you daily reminders and recipe ideas to keep you eating well.

One of the greatest benefits of regular easy going yoga practice is how it shifts how you think, feel, and act. Relating to how you feel about food and what you will feel like eating, I’ve witnessed such fantastic transformations from sugar to kale in just a few weeks. And I’m talking about cravings, yes, you’ll be craving all kinds of leafy green things and other healthy foods. And you’ll enjoy preparing and eating them too!

The regular physical and mental practice will cultivate a strong, open, clear and connected body and mind. Who doesn’t want that? No one!

I’m so excited for you to start this journey to feeling fantastic and enjoying radiant health from the inside out!

How it works:

We’ll be following along with routines from This is Yoga DVD series. I know a lot of you have the series, so this will be a great starting point for us to practice and share our experiences. If you don’t have the series, pick it up here.

This is Yoga US
This is Yoga Germany
This is Yoga UK

If This is Yoga isn’t available in your country yet, I’m super sorry. My team is working on it and we won’t stop until everyone who wants a copy gets them to practice with. Canada friends, thanks for your patience. Really thrilled that you are jumping on the moving-with-ease bandwagon. There may be an online option avail soon. Yay for the internet!

So if you don’t have a copy I’ll suggest some YouTube videos that are on the same page and we’ll still have a great time I promise! I post your daily YouTube routines on the Facebook page. Check it out!

Now for even more fun!

I have a downloadable, printable, take it with you, put it on your fridge, your vision board, your journal, your laundry basket, wherever you’re going to check out when you would like to be spending some time with yourself on your yoga mat. Print this baby out. It’s your daily routine guide. Your training blue print, if you will. Get excited.

Get your calendar here.

April 1 we start.

Daily checkins and inspirations coming to you from FB and twitter. Get connected. We’ll inspire each other. Share your goals and you desires. I’m here to support you. The group will uplift you and keep the wind under your wings. You can do it!

Ready? Lets get started!


See you April 1 (no joke!)




Tara Stiles is Your Personal Yoga Teacher