Hi Friends,

How is your body feeling today? Any creeks and stiffness happening? I know how great it feels to move how it feels good, open up some space, and create more room for you to live inside of that vibrant body of yours. I just got back from a fabulous few days in Amsterdam, leading a radiant group in our 2 day Strala Intensive, celebrating the Dutch version of my cookbook launch, and the launch of the spring collaboration with Reebok with a fun class and a day at the office talking about leadership and intuitive business building. It was fun and full of excitement as usual, but after landing back at JFK, my back and hips and whole body were asking for some attention.

hips and back flow

Whether you’re just off a plane, or spending any time of your day sitting, this routine is great to get your whole body moving easily, in every direction possible. Expanding our comfort zone is a fantastic way to stay healthy, fresh, and strong so we can do everything we want to do and enjoy out of our days.

I practice yoga so I can enjoy wellbeing and feel centered so I can do good things in life.

Why do you practice? Tag #stralayoga so we can connect and support your efforts!

Enjoy this easy going strala flow and let me know how it goes!



hips and back flow