Portobello Burger Heaven

Hi Friends,

Hope you are having a great day so far filled with happy events, yummy food, and yoga of course! I have had this vision of an ideal portobello burger in my mind forever and finally got around to allowing that vision to come into creation. Let me be a vessel for portobello magic! This burger is going to become a super staple in our house for sure! Super big OMG moments from first bite. Let me know what you think!

Who says eating veggies can’t be hearty and even a little macho! Wach out, this burger can hold it’s own people! Get excited cause it’s exciting!

You’ll Need

Fresh portobello

1 tomato

1 orange or red pepper

Handful of kale

Ricks Picks Hotties

Organic Ketchup & Dijon

Olive Oil

Sea Salt


Now What

Set oven to 350

douse a little olive oil and salt on portobello

chop pepper & slice tomato

put portobello on cookie sheet and in oven for 25 minutes

add tomato and pepper 10 minutes into the operation

toast bun in oven for last 5 minutes

assemble with pickles, kale, ketchup and dijon as desired

make a fun decoration with peppers and left over tomato slices and kale






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4 Responses to Portobello Burger Heaven

  • Doro said on 12-30-12 at 4:28 pm

    This looks really good! Need to buy some kale immediately :)

    Where did you get these awesome plates? Love them!

    • luna said on 8-08-14 at 9:27 am

      where did you get those plates?! and the bowls that go with them? they’re awesome

  • Annie said on 9-18-14 at 12:13 am

    I Love this recipes so much, along with all the others! I make them for my friends as well and they eat it right up!:) Thanks so much Tara for the great food and yoga life!:)

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