Crow pose is a fun way to build balance, strength, body awareness and a sense of adventure! We crow a few times as transitions in Strala STRONG classes and it’s a nice way to remind ourselves to say easy, even when exerting a little bit of effort. You can do a crow easy, be relaxed and gentle in it, or clench and tighten to do the move, but that’s no fun. Here’s how to do crow pose the easy way.

Step 1.
Set up your foundation. Palms flat, fingers spread, just like down dog. Keep your fingers facing forward and right under your shoulders. Relax and breathe deep.

Step 2.
Lift your knees high on your upper arms. The higher you get your knees, the easier the crow is, and the easier you can lift up.

Step 3.
Look forward, lift up in your hips and belly. Maybe one toe comes up off the ground. Maybe the other toe comes off also. Maybe leave the second toe for a try tomorrow. Looking forward and lifting up in your belly and NOT jumping is the key. Crow can be a little tricky, so don’t worry about nailing it on the first try. Stay with it, try it every day and have fun!

Deep breaths,