I was having dinner with a friend the other night (didn’t post an instagram pic by the way how is that going for you guys?) and we were talking about all the excitement that is in store for each of our businesses this coming year. The word abundance was the theme, and I’m not one to throw around a theme for the evening regularly, but it just felt so right in what is playing out right now.

I’m going to let you in on a little or big secret, depending on how you look at it. Scarcity is a myth. The idea that there is only so much to go around, or only room for a few to enjoy happiness and success, is a terrible idea that isn’t true. The universe is literally expanding, and when we go with that flow, which is our natural state, we shift into the state of abundance.

Now here is the catch. Abundance just doesn’t happen all the time for everyone. You may know this if you have ever experienced an “un-abundant” moment, day, week, year, or felt off in any way, ever. Sure, we all have. It’s human and perfectly normal to fall out-of-the-flow. But it’s sooooo good to get back in.

Abundance has its own set of rules that protect and govern it’s awesome power. When you abide by the laws of abundance you know the boundaries you can roam in and create and enjoy the expansive benefits.

5 Rules to Enjoy Abundance

1. Humility. The secret to creating and sustaining abundance is humility. Loving what you do for the intentions of service is a recipe for abundance. The universe is on your side when you are on the side of others.

2. Thoughtful Action. More is not always better. Have thoughtfulness in your actions and watch your actions radiate abundance.

3. Support. Surround and love those around you. Help those who you can and look out of your way to support those who aren’t in your general comfort zone.

4. Landscape. Spend time meditating on your internal and external landscape. What are you creating internally and externally. Plan something abundance can support if abundance was your best friend.

5. Joy. Allow your life to be filled with joy. Not just the joy of when things are going your way, but seek joyous moments for the sake of joy. Celebrate the joy of life. Stop manifesting and remember and revel in the state of natural abundance.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on abundance in the comments!