Hi Friends,

Well I’m almost 40 weeks pregnant and any moment now this little lady will be ready to be let out onto the outside. My routine has evolved into super simple stretches, lots of meditation, as much quiet time as I can get, and a daily long walk. It’s a pretty nice routine and I want to keep some of these practices going steady beyond pregnancy.

A main lesson I’ve learned again and again with each phase of life is slowing down enough so its’ possible to see what’s happening and respond accordingly. I’m for sure guilty of running a bazillion miles a minute when left to my own devices. I literally fly around the world and LOVE it. I thrive from being around people and in new stimulating environments. That’s just a big part of who I am. But knowing that about myself, I need the opposite side of things to be fully effective, healthy and focused for all that this life brings.

So, this brings me back to to the super duper simple. Feel free to join in with me in this easy-going strĂ¥la routine. For the full effect don’t hesitate to follow it up with a nice bath, a good book, and some meditation.

Stay easy and enjoy!

For more prenatal videos, I made a really nice program with our friends at mindbodygreen.

The Complete Guide to Feel Good Yoga for Your Pregnancy