Hi Friends,

I’m writing this to you from my hotel room in LA, lying on my pillow, ready for dream land. At the start of this 7 Week Bliss-In, I had plans of hunkering in for the close of the year, knitting some hats, cooking some home made soup, and practicing a lot of yoga. Duty called, and I’m buckled in for a few more super exciting trips to finish up the year’s adventures. I’m grateful for all the activity and energy, and have learned a lot in the process of busy.

Best lesson from having a packed schedule is a little something from Mr. Albert Einstein, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

Simplicity is beauty, however we experience and define it. Simplicity is elegant sophistication. When we move from our intention instead of our thinking brains, we are guided toward simplictiy and beauty, wherever we are.

With that I encourage you to continue your daily meditation practice. 5 minutes is a great start! I’ll see you back Wednesday for some yoga and Friday for some healthy eats.

Don’t forget to Throw Away Your Scale!