This is Yoga is now available in US! UK is coming in October, Germany by end of year (voice over is happening now) and Dubai too.  Of course Canada is coming soon and the distributor is finishing paper work for other countries now.  Thanks so much for your patience everyone! I’m so proud of this series!

So excited to share this series with you all! We made over 6 hours of yoga practice in some pretty incredible locations with the aim of keeping you inspired to practice yoga daily and feel fantastic from the inside out! I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed making it.  Big thanks to everyone at Strala, Darren, Will, and the entire Watch it Now team for creating a super special product. We really made something wonderful and exciting!

The years of ideas swirling, the months of actually preparing, and the weeks of shooting was close to what I can imagine shooting a feature length film is like for an excited team. . except we made over 6 hours, instead of 2.  Many epson salt baths later, I recovered.  Months of editing, careful design and packaging, and a daring offer, all of it for $20. My aim is to make yoga accessible from an approach, language, delivery, style, and financial perspective.. so you have enough change left over to buy all that organic kale you’re going to want to eat and juice because you feel so amazing from all the yoga that you transform your entire lifestyle.  I dare you not to get addicted to feeling great!