When you spend money on stuff to impress people that you have money, the store now has your money while your thing depreciates exponentially.

I had coffee with a friend this week who is doing great things for people with health, wellness & personal growth. We caught up about family, our lives and got some good chill time in.

There is a pressure going around, in whatever circle you run in to prove to others in your circle how well you are doing. This proving comes in many forms, depending on your circle. In the “health” community for transparency sake, it takes on the form of competing on on-line followers, endorsement deals, clothes, and this thing about having a fancy gold watch is going around now. I have always thought this competition is super silly and haven’t been involved because I am in my own circle, cultivating my intention and refining my actions. My mission is to help others. Helping feels better than shopping.

My friend and I talked about how our families are the most important to us, and we are grateful to be in a position to help others. For me, helping others over proving anything is my intention. To connect and expand. Spending resources on things to decorate myself has always been a silly game in my book.

I have always loved art, but loved the idea of recycled art even more and saving personal and planet resources. My Mom has an amazing collection of hippy sweaters and dresses from her past that I wear with pride. I’m able to collaborate and create clothing lines with¬†Reebok¬†that have the intention of making women and guys too coming up feel great in their bodies. The clothes are comfy and fun over serious and sucking in body parts.

We have so much already. If you are reading the internet you already have the luxury of time in your life to do so. You probably have a roof, clean water, enough food to eat, and clothes on your back. You are already in a position to help.

No matter what circle you run in, step outside of that circle and into your own circle. When you are in the middle of your own circle, you are in control of your life. You now have the space around you to cultivate your intention, your goals, and your desires. When you are in a circle with many, you are crowded and can get swept up in pressures to prove. You are so much more powerful than the pressure to prove. You can do great things in your life. You are meant to do great things in your life.

Form your own circle. Meditate. Practice yoga with ease. Listen to your intuition. Help others.

You have so much. You have to start believing in yourself.



Here is a gentle yoga routine to get connected. Enjoy!