Hi Friends!

Welcome to Friday and your second week of our 7 Week Bliss-In! How is it going? This week of balance has been a great reminder for me to schedule in time to relax and unwind, and appreciate and use the time wisely when there are opportunities to schedule it in. Without relaxation, effort spins out of control and turns into tension. Too much relaxation leads to laziness and too much effort leads to burn out and tension. With Strala we aim to move with ease, relax in our effort, and cultivate capability from balance and ease, rather than tension and forcing. Movement over posing is key for capability. We see this in nature, but often forget we are nature, and default to tensing in order to attempt balance. Tension only leads to more tension. Nature is strong, powerful, and also has the ability to move with the breeze and shift with the current. We can make our lives so much more simple and more capable by taking cures from nature.

Lets look at our animal friends. Who has more body issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, or emotional problems? Us or the wild tigers, families of elephants, or colonies of ants? Maybe we don’t know for sure, but the Discovery channel will let us know that animals tend to act pretty natural.  We humans have evolved so much to have all this free time to develop useless fears, anxieties, and problems surrounding how we live our lives.  A big problem in many of our lives is how we eat, what we eat, and how we feel about eating, and our bodies. We forget that food is our pleasurable fuel that is vital to our emotional, physical, and even spiritual well being. If we are tense, we will pick things to eat that promote that tension. Junk, processed foods, and alcohol are a temporary relief to tension, but take us back further than where we started.

We are in desperate need of a reprogram. When is the last time you saw an animal hop on a scale, suck in their belly, and pray the number be something flattering? Yeah, me either. I propose something radical. Lets get wild, like the animals. Lets get intuitive, connected, calm, capable, and balanced. Lets throw away the scale and start feeling what our bodies need and fueling them accordingly.

Who’s in? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



Peanut Butter Cookie Bar recipe here!

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