Hi Friends,

I’m in full Mommy land over here and couldn’t be happier. I’m sleep deprived, rarely shower and super behind on all things “rest of my life” but for now, hanging with Daisy is all I want to do. I’m grateful to have the life I do and to be able to make our own schedule and carve out this time to be with her. Everything else can wait and I’m so sorry everyone who I’ve kept waiting. I squeeze in a few emails and things that sort of need to be done, and things that I want to do, during her naps. She is snoozing now and I have about 2 hours until she wakes up, but lets be honest I’ll be staring at her in about 15 minutes waiting for her to wake up so we can play.

We have been practicing a bit of SUPER Gentle yoga together daily in the morning since about 2 weeks after her birth day. I was pretty banged up from a mega intense wild woman 2 day labor (details at some point if you like but it’s pretty graphic full warning and I’m in no rush to over share here). I am obviously used to having full control of my body so feeling like a bus ran over me for a week and then slowly being able to return to my almost regular self after 2 weeks was an insane ride. Now we’re 7 weeks into new life and moving in every direction feels pretty great, but I’m still taking it easy. I feel no rush or pressure for pretty much anything right now and am enjoying moving how it feels good (big surprise if you know me but that looks pretty different at the moment that the previous me). Thankfully it’s nice to remember there is no old you or old self to return to.

Be here now is the practice and reality of what is. This whole idea of bouncing back or getting your old self or body back is ridiculous. Who wants their old self? It’s not even possible physically or emotionally since we are changing every day and each moment is fresh. It’s much more fun to be in the reality of the flow of right now. I’ll see you there, oh wait, I’ll see you here. Ha!

After her morning feeding we do our meditation and yoga together. She hangs on the mat while we meditate with our favorite Krishna Das tunes. She usually has a fabulous nap and it seems like amazing dreams since she smiles during her sleep and looks crazy peaceful and in deep thoughts all at once. After meditation I do some super easy going yoga and she sometimes wakes up and watches me. We have a few moves we do together when she is in the mood. I had to share with you so here we go. Feel free to enjoy the routine with or without a baby on the mat. It’s a nice one to build strength, balance and focus gently.




Daisy & Tara