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I have been cooking up something for a while that I am excited to share with you. I’m happy that Strala exists in NYC. I miss our big crazy family so much when I am on the road, and I want to bring all the people I meet on my travels to our awesome studio to experience how easy, fun, spacious practicing Strala feels.

It’s about the vibe. It’s about the movement. It’s about the connection we all feel to ourselves and to what we care about in our lives, and in the process, we get insanely strong, open, calm, and of course, ridiculously happy.

I invite you to practice with us in the comfort of your home. In collaboration with our good friends at MindBodyGreen, I am thrilled to present to you, The Complete Guide to Yoga.

We (Mike and I)  put together a complete pose library, including how to move in and out of every pose with ease. There are 2 full length classes, many medium length routines, and loads of break downs of how to move with ease, how to move safely, how to heal injuries, yoga for athletes, and a billion other things!

Join the Strala family and experience a radiant life filled with ease. Check out the video and preview the course. I’m excited for your transformation!



p.s. Have you had a life changing transformation from moving with ease in your practice? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments


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12 Responses to Welcome Home to Yoga

  • Kristi Gibson said on 7-29-13 at 2:21 am

    How is this different from your This is Yoga series? I really enjoy your approach to yoga but am having to be careful with purchases right now

  • Once I listened to my body and stopped all of the forcing, but moved with more ease, my yoga practice has been flourishing. Not just on the mat, but off the mat as well. Thank you.

  • Elsa Alexandra said on 7-29-13 at 10:55 am

    Two months ago, I gave birth to my first baby: a little girl named Ema. Before I got pregnant, I used to be pretty active in the work-out department but I became fairly sluggish after four months of severe morning sickness and hardly exercised during the rest of my pregnancy.

    People always tell you how important it is to prepare for labor. They are less descriptive about what happens afterwards. Once the bump is empty, it can be somewhat shocking to look at your tired, once toned body. Not to mention the afterpains and all the pregnancy-related ailments you must deal with!

    I decided to take my fitness level back into my own hands! Two weeks after giving birth, I started doing some mild stretching exercises. Then, I discovered your YouTube videos and was hooked!

    I have since ordered your book “Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga” and have been using it on a regular basis too.

    The results have been amazing. People keep telling me that I don’t look like I gave birth 8 weeks ago at all. I feel a lot more comfortable, strong and mobile in my body, and much happier as a result.

    I love the fluidity Strala movements, and that translates into everything else I do. Practicing yoga Strala- style makes me feel more balanced and at ease in my daily life, and contributes to me being a better mum!

    Thanks a lot for all you share Tara!


  • “You’re working too hard.” – my yoga teacher, three weeks ago on Saturday.

    In New York, it’s common for us to take pride in the fact that we can put our bodies through anything…whether it’s walking to work in a rain storm or being the last one on a crowded train on a sweaty August day. I find that in a yoga class, it’s incredibly easy to slip into the same mindset, especially if my fellow yogis slide into a hip opener the way a knife cuts through butter…while my runners hips refuse to give.

    It’s all a part of the journey, and I was shocked when my favorite teacher walked over to me during class a few weeks ago. I was feeling strong and powerful in Warrior Two…my whole mind concentrated on extending through my back foot, making sure my pelvis was in line, and finding my mula bandha. When I expected a compliment or a mild correction, instead she said:

    “You’re working too hard”

    And gently rubbed my shoulders to relax them. All of a sudden I felt this release and ease in the pose that had nothing to do with working my body and everything to do with being IN my body.

    I’ve been trying to find that feeling ever since, and the only way to do it is to just relax, and find balance. It’s a process…but I’m enjoying it that much more.

  • Aside from finally being able to move my hips for the first time in my life, I’m excited to say that I’m finally going to pursue what I’ve always dreamed of pursuing and thought I couldn’t because of my stiff body: being a triple threat and going for Broadway! Woah, there Tara, I said it!

    Also, moving with ease has helped my anxiety so much and that has translated to me really connecting so much better when I teach! My students really love the new way of going about yoga and they’ve really taken to the exploration! We are having so much more fun at 6:45 AM! Woohoo! xoxo

  • Stephanie said on 7-29-13 at 7:38 pm

    Hi Tara,

    Sounds great! What format is the video in? Is there a
    Downloadable version?



  • Elizabeth Moon said on 7-29-13 at 9:22 pm

    Hi Tara! My name is Elizabeth, Im 22 years old and I’m from Cuba,it’s a beautiful country and the big island in the middle of the Caribbean(in case that you don’t know where it is) anyway, I just wanted to tell you very quick how Yoga and you had change my life…
    First let me tell you that I always had a curiosity about the power of healing and life improving of the esoterical, metafisical,astrology, you name it, world but it wasn’t till I got pregnant with my now very fuzzy 14 mon toddler little girl that I really wanted to became healthy not just for me but for her and indeed I did many changes but non so fructiferus as the ones afters I gave birth. So one day doing some research I found you and this may sound quezzy but its true, you teached me yoga and that was all, with that I became more aware of my diet of my health and learned how to overcome everything with a DEEP BREATH, I have really change of the woman that I was to the one I’m know and all of that because I learned that I have to take care of myself to be able to take care of my family and with not doutb I know that the root of that wellbeing is Yoga so again thank you very much you are a very inspiring person… Namaste ॐ

  • I think moving with ease is akin to “letting go,” which is a major theme in my life right now. You can only be in the flow when you’ve let go, you’re at ease, you’re comfortable…now to work on the whole confidence thing, which is also a part of it!

  • Pansy said on 8-03-13 at 9:56 am

    Hi Tara, I love your long tops with Reebok. However, I’m a fan of shorts and trying to find the black ones you wore in MTSTaraStiles. The length is perfect and the material looks thin without the foldable top that many shorts. Where can I find similar ones? Thank you

  • The whole reason I became a Yoga Guide is because I went into a yoga class at LA Fitness one day after a fight with a former boyfriend, and within 5 minutes all of my anger melted away, and by the end of class when she read from Rolf Gates Meditations From the Mat book, I felt completely transformed as a person, as a whole, and it hit me in savasana that THIS is what I need to do with my life, I need to spread this feeling to and with the world! So I left class, went to the mall, bought the book, signed up for teacher training and then it was a little wait game. My training came at great timing, it started the day that I got laid off from working at Wells Fargo (budget cuts, about a 3rd of the office was released). So one that was a transformation.
    To me though, on a personal scale, ever since that class and buying that book my life was literally saved! I used to be a suicidal manic depressive, came from an extensive abusive past, and had no self esteem, nor awareness nor respect, and it was beautiful and powerful learning about the Ego vs Consciousness, and at that stage in my life the Yamas and Niyamas!
    I’ve found when you invite Yoga into your life, you don’t have to practice with ease, ease just happens, on and off the mat. =)

  • I would love to do more yoga. I have heard its good for your body and soul. It looks like you really enjoy it.

  • I love your relaxed, pressure-off approach to yoga. Has changed how I spend time on the mat drastically! This will no doubt be brilliant =)

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