Hi Friends,

I feel like I’ve been making Yoga for Bed Time routines for-ev-ah. . well, since 2007 which is 10 years of creating the yoga for the internet. And let me remind you, 10 years ago, that was super edgy, people throwing their yoga blocks at me and stuff, scandalous. Now, it’s obvious. Yoga in bed. Yoga to sleep better. Yoga to wake up better. Yoga in bed because it’s amazing. Yes please!

To be honest, I actually do yoga in bed most nights to work out the physical and mental kinks. My bedroom is my non-digital zone of womb like magic. My creativity, vitality and wellbeing soar when I install my bedtime rituals and now that Miss Daisy is snoozing next to our bed, in her little bassinet, I am reminded how essential this peaceful time to renew really is.

Here is a throw back Yoga in Bed routine that I made on our honeymoon. Camera man is Mike obviously. Camera was something vintage with a tape in it or something.

Our friends at MindBodyGreen came over to ask me my 10 Bedroom Essentials to create the space. Enjoy that post (and more picture of Daisy lets be real)

Back to Bed


First pose isn’t actually a pose, it’s a book. It’s important for me to shut down the digital day and pick up something a bit magical to start the night time drift. Our bedroom shelves are stuffed with mind expansion, cosmos, psychedelic pages. I can just grab something, read a while and ride an inspiration trail.



Putting the book down, I can drift into a brief meditation. Simply 10 – 20 breaths is enough to check in and see what the heck is really going on in there. If I need more, I go for more.

Seated Twist


Grab a knee with love and spin it up and around like a candy cane. With Strala we guide three parts, being, moving and healing. I love to imagine healing and an outward spin of being really really really well. No ending or cap on how well we can be. The twist takes me there. Ride it.

Side Stretch


Easy as pie. Open a leg up, lean over, roll around, breathe deep and keep the movements flowing. It’s not a pose, it’s a flow. Keep rolling with the tide, no endpoints.



The stuff is in the hips. Pigeon gets it moving where it needs to go if it’s in the wrong place. Like unclogging the traffic jam. Breathe extra deep for this one.



Now we’re ready. Enjoy and dream big.